scraps ahoy vol. 2.0

yupp... got a 2 pager out....only like the first page...which was really the second page until I got done...lol

way brighter IRL too though...so that is sad...
and how do I say
"Crystal & I's"
that sounds horrible
I had
"Crystal & Mines"
but that was even more wrong
so it is
"Crystal & I"
its wrong...but better than the other wrongs!

okay I think its time for bed!!


The Ulmers said...

Hey Girl!! Awesome Pages... Caught up on ur blog since I was outta town for a week. I am loving the decor8 blog! I added it to my page. It totally rocks!! Thanks!! TTFN

Heidi Joe said...

Just sayin' hey baby... I posted about the RAD package I got from you on my blog check ch-check it out!

One cool chick said...

cute pages girl