New hair-do and Kitty!!

This is the new hair. I got black lo-lights through out and the bottom in the back is all black black with a red booster to warm it up a little bit. My layers are SHORT SHORT!! I am finally figuring out how to do it quickly so it looks good!!
This is my new kitty!! Her name is Kiah. She is so full of personality. (That is her halloween costume behind her- she is not a fan of wearing it) her and the dog don't get along very well but eventually i think they will warm up to each other- hopefully anyways!!

Well im off for the weekend to celebrate Oktoberfest!!! Shall be a great time!!!


scrappin' again

yeah so i started scrapping again this am. was up at six. ish. i hate when I can't sleep.

so here they are.
two challenges, one mini- and one for fun.

I am calling today to make an appointment to meet a new kitten.
hopefully I will be getting one of these two:


I am hoping for Keesa. She is too cute.
wish me luck!



my wonderful cat zoie is being put to sleep in less than an hour.
we believe she had a stroke over last weekend and has gone blind in both eyes.
I can't stand to see her like this so its our only option.
I am so heart broken right now. I can't stop crying, i am a mess.
This is one of the hardest things I have even gone through in my life.
Im going to miss you, and you will always be my meow.


the day after...

my 22nd birthday!
Nothing too exciting for the b-day. just a lot of drama (as usual in my life- anyone has a the pass code to erase that from a life...let me know I need it badly)
Went out for supper with the boyfriend, mom, and g-ma. had a good time. rented "Wild Hogs" as the boy hasn't seen it. I fell asleep. yeah.

only to wake up at 3 am to my cat wondering aimlessly around the house not hardly being able to stand. so in 5 mins I am leaving to take her to the vet. they said she may have had a stroke.
thanks world. happy birthday to you too. so I am hoping she is just i don't know what i am hoping. wish me luck.



to my birthday. yupp. so tomorrow starts my birthday weekend. I am so lucky that it almost always over the holiday weekend and i get to extend it forever!! haha

and I make a big deal out of my b -day. my family goes camping the entire weekend so its my weekend and everyone has known that since pretty much day one!! I can't wait
I usually know what i want/am getting but this year i have no clue on either. well sorta.
i am hopefully getting a cute new bud light sweatshirt and a clock/dock for my i pod.
this way i can listen to my tunes as i am scrapping since everything is in my new room now and its so much nicer up there!! so it will be nice.

*side note im eating a sandwich and the cheese slice is way too thick...making it sorta nasty like to eat*

my photos to share this week.

my silly puppy.

the puppy and i sleeping (thanks mom)

matching eyes...crazy.


standing in the rain...

so as if MN hasn't had enough going ons-
we got some really bad rain an hour or so from here over the weekend and houses are washed away, roads are washed away and people are dead/missing. This is so sad. One of my best friends (amanda) grandparents house is gone. the pictures are so amazing to see and so sad. I couldn't imagine losing everything to something that keeps you alive. pray for these people.
on a good note- amanda and i are getting out in about 2 months and going to the Rascal Flatts/Jason Aldean concert with amanda and brooke. it shall be a great time!!

yeah finally I have scrapped and am going to show!!

horrible pics but I have no ambition to do anything good right now. ha

and another cute pic of my two fav things right now :)

Nick and Tango. :)
the only thing that gets better is delish supper, drinks and time with my best friend for the next 2 days!!


i am scrapping again and I love it.
Im strictly doing 6x12 pages and they are so much fun.
a lot like 8.5x11 but different and fun.
I bought a nice 12x12 album and putting two 6x12 pages
in each page. looks pretty good.

I just need to say that.
now im off to work till six am! ahh!