6 (six) days!!!

Yes that would be SIX days until everyone can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!
Im so excited!
I love my birthday-
I have every right to be selfish on MY Day right?!

I am so excited for a weekend of camping and drinking and having a blast with family/friends!

Okay- so here is a picture I took the other day with my camera- using some of my "skills" learned in photog class this past week. I can't wait to start actually shooting with the 35mm camera and developing my own pictures- should be very interesting!!

THis week is filled with homework- getting everything for this week and the start of next week done- I can't believe they actually think its okay to have homework due on Labor Day- no classes- should mean the same for us Online students!! but whatever!!

okay one more pic of the bridge because I love it!



A few layouts I did late last week. Using some of my awesome stuff from my SSS!! (a sheet of paper and half a ribbon- lol)

And finally- 2 1/2 years later My senior pics in an album.
Using Junkitz- love it!!

Today I got to play with the cameras for a bit- found some useful websites and printed some stuff off. I am going to makemyself a little cheat sheet so I memorize this shutter/f-stop/ISO stuff!!! I want to take good pictures!!


These suck!

I want to take good pics of fireworks- which means I need a tripod- and I need one for my photography class- so that means I am getting one.

We love eachother- we love fireworks- (I do anways-lol)

This weekend was full of crazyiness- and fun!
And wouldn't you know I had no batteries for my camera on the fun night!!
Great!- so these are my pics from the weekend- Brett's soon to be cousin, has pics of the weekend- so I will have to have her email them to me!!

Fun times had by all this weekend- and the countdown is 14 days Until My 21st Birthday
(i said someting like 12 earlier- dont mind my mathamatical skills- they don't make any sense)

School started today- Shouldn't be too hard- but we will see. My photography class is going to be my favorite class- I befriended a girl who has experience in the dark room- so that should be an advantage on my part- thank goodness
and the nerdest nerd of the 21st century sat next to me- not to be mean- but I plan on never having to sit next to him again- If you bring a 3 hole punch to class- you have problems- if you do the Napolean Dynamite "yessss" in a low voice when the teacher talks about the dark room- you have problems.

So thats my day.


What A Mess!!

Welcome to the mess I call my Scrap Corner:

Here is the folding table and the desk. I can't wait till I get my own "Room" to Scrap in!!
A self with random stuff on it- and crap piled up in the corner

My Scraps, stamps, and magazine holders under my table.
My table where the "magic" happens ;)
My desk with the computer and tons of supplies!

I know this is nothing compaired to what a lot of other people have - but its enough for me to feel overwelmed!

Its such a mess- and I've only made two layouts and started one card!! grrr!!

Okay off to finish that card now!



Okay- So i walked in the door tonight and saw this box on the chair- I knew exacty what it was and started screaming like a litle girl!!! I was on the phone with Brett- and hes like is everything okay there? haha- This all just totally rocks and I can't wait to use it!! I will for sure post what I made with all the fun things!!

The entire goodie stash!!!
The paper goodies!!! BG, SEI, Junkitz, Gin-X

CUTEST little ribbon holder tin I have ever seen in my life!!

The ribbon- all rolled up and pinned with a sequince!!

The embellies!!
Love me some HS!!
(Got me a little extra stuff cuz my b-day is soon!!!)

Tonight was supper at moms- and dropping hints that I want a new camera for my birthday! (Countdown: 18 days!!!) When I got home and calmed down from my goodies Jake (brett calls him Jacob- I love it!) and I went for a walk - Used my MP3 player- I need new songs on it- they are all from december- shows how much I use that!!

Now its off to watch the new LB!!!


Pics of Dog (and other weekend stuff)

My Jake, and one of Jake and I.

He is such a hyper dog and get realy excited right when you let him off his chain to run for the day. He loves to be petted and does not chew on his bones. He does like to steal my sandals/shoes all the time! Keep your eyes open for layouts of him!

Saturday we went to the Zoo and the Demos- Here are a few pics of that...

Me hanging out on the Turtle!Favorite Picture I took of the sharks in the Shark Tank!
Brett & I at the Zoo
One of the many crash pile-ups infront of us at the Demos.

Today we went 4-wheeling. This is us on the wheeler when we got home- after were were all muddy- dads g/f got stuck...so we had to pull her out- and then brett got the fun idea to fly through the creek so we got all wet...but it was fun and its a MAJOR reason why I love living out in the country!!

That was my weekend- really fun! This week is cleaning, getting ready for the Bridal shower this weekend, and reading! I got 7 books from the Library the other day. Can't wait to get started and read before school starts NEXT week! (21st)
Then its MY BIRTHDAY!! (the 4th)



I got a dog!!

His name is Jake

He is a Golden

3 years Old.

Super Hyper at times but knows how to be calm and just chill.

Does not get along with my cat thus far. :(

Will have pics soon!

I am so excited! Friday night we are going out for supper with my mom for fish fry- so can't wait for some clam chowder!! Saturday is the ZOO- yes Brett has never been there so I am very excited to go to the zoo! Saturday night we are going to the Demo's at the County Fair and I am having a country party afterwards here at the house. Bonfire, country music, hicks, trucks, tail gates, 4wheelers- the whole she-bang! I am so excited.
Sunday is all about going 4-wheeling. I am so excited for this too.

Guess the word of the night is "excited"
I am very much wanting to start the POTD again- but I just don't do anything during the week and then the weekends I take like 100's of photos!

Scrapping is going awesome! Have gotten tons done latley. The NSBR Challenge is totally making me go for it- I wanna get the most points- haha I need to win! *If your not first your last* -lil' will farell (sp?) hehe GO FASTER GO FASTER- that movie was pretty good- lame but good.

Okay time for bed I am rambling.
Pics of JAKE soon!!