to my birthday. yupp. so tomorrow starts my birthday weekend. I am so lucky that it almost always over the holiday weekend and i get to extend it forever!! haha

and I make a big deal out of my b -day. my family goes camping the entire weekend so its my weekend and everyone has known that since pretty much day one!! I can't wait
I usually know what i want/am getting but this year i have no clue on either. well sorta.
i am hopefully getting a cute new bud light sweatshirt and a clock/dock for my i pod.
this way i can listen to my tunes as i am scrapping since everything is in my new room now and its so much nicer up there!! so it will be nice.

*side note im eating a sandwich and the cheese slice is way too thick...making it sorta nasty like to eat*

my photos to share this week.

my silly puppy.

the puppy and i sleeping (thanks mom)

matching eyes...crazy.


standing in the rain...

so as if MN hasn't had enough going ons-
we got some really bad rain an hour or so from here over the weekend and houses are washed away, roads are washed away and people are dead/missing. This is so sad. One of my best friends (amanda) grandparents house is gone. the pictures are so amazing to see and so sad. I couldn't imagine losing everything to something that keeps you alive. pray for these people.
on a good note- amanda and i are getting out in about 2 months and going to the Rascal Flatts/Jason Aldean concert with amanda and brooke. it shall be a great time!!

yeah finally I have scrapped and am going to show!!

horrible pics but I have no ambition to do anything good right now. ha

and another cute pic of my two fav things right now :)

Nick and Tango. :)
the only thing that gets better is delish supper, drinks and time with my best friend for the next 2 days!!


i am scrapping again and I love it.
Im strictly doing 6x12 pages and they are so much fun.
a lot like 8.5x11 but different and fun.
I bought a nice 12x12 album and putting two 6x12 pages
in each page. looks pretty good.

I just need to say that.
now im off to work till six am! ahh!