So last week...Friday....my car started making this noise....like an old phone ringing....dad said it was part of my A.C. - and to just leave my A.C. on- so I did. Then today I went to perkins to get a salad for lunch and run to the bank- and it was making the noise...with my A.C. on- grr...so I called him and he said not to drive it and that we whould find a car for me to drive this weekend (as I am going to Winona to meet brett so we can drive to Iowa...how fun...) So I went back to work and dad called me and said to bring my car to Joe's and they would look at it and fix it- but not till Monday- so I still don't have a vehicle..So I call mom tell her I need to use her car (seems as her and Kevin have three vehicles for the two of them) SO now i am driving my moms car- which is okay- just drives so much more different than my car! I should'nt be so upset- this is the first time anything has gone really wrong with my car- the only really bad thing I guess though is that..........its going to cost $900 to fix....but since Kevin is fixing it at Joes- we will get most of it at cost- so thats good!

TOnight mom and I went shopping at HL at JoAnn's.....spent $50....got myself...stickers, rotary cutter and board, spring stack, punchies, and...ribbon, buttons....I think thats it. Got to eat at Noodles & Co. SOOO nummy!! Mom picked out everything for her vacation album im going to make her- should be super cute- not at all matching but thats okay- I don't think I like albums that every page looks the same colors- too boring for me I guess...maybe a wedding album...but thats not going to be happening anytime soon!!

Iowa this weekend...Should be fun- we usually have fun when we go on our little road trips so that Brett can test someplace! Im excited. Will be fun- lots of pictures I will take thats for sure!! Thats good though- I only have pics from... easter to scrap! everything else is done...oh and bretts pics from his 21st b-day- but there are not many of them.

Well...thats all...

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