D.U.N!!! (lots of good school does!!) LOL

I am D.U.N with my 2nd year of collge, first year in my degree!! Thank Goodness!! Finished my ethics final tonight with a B, YeAhW!!! (Which also happens to be my favorite song at the moment by Jake Owen!) But now I am so excited for summer to start, the warm weather, river, sun, swimsuits, flip flops (n/m already got that one covered!), delicous food, sweet bright drinks to go along wtih the delicous food, Taste of Minnesota, Rib Fest, Camping, Work=$$, tank tops, skirts, capris, bright colors, awesome pictures, swimming, oh geeze- the list could go on forever, but I will spare you!!

OH my car is fixed....$500 later....thank goodness for Dad!!

Cat=annoying latley! She won't leave me alone- I don't think she likes her new food!! grr@her! But she still loves me enough to sleep and cuddle with me :)!

And the new Gap Summer T's look rockin' I want one!
I feel the need to scrap right now- I have no pictures- I ordered them tonight- So I will have them Tomorrow- :) Thank Goodness!! But won't scrap till Friday- tomorrow I need to wash clothes! AND put them away- I hate putting clothes away!
Tanning is so relaxing! I love it....Brett doesn't so much- but oh well! haha

Had a fire this weekend....love pics of fires...
I continue to tell myself at the end of every month that I am going to start a POTD...and I never do...So monday I am really going to start!! Its going to be hard to get pics during the week since I work till 6 at night and then usually come home and sit around....But im going to- I got some cool pics of the storm clouds coming in tonight- But I haven't uploaded them yet- Maybe I will just start today and show my pics tomorrow....we will see how the time goes!!

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