standing in the rain...

so as if MN hasn't had enough going ons-
we got some really bad rain an hour or so from here over the weekend and houses are washed away, roads are washed away and people are dead/missing. This is so sad. One of my best friends (amanda) grandparents house is gone. the pictures are so amazing to see and so sad. I couldn't imagine losing everything to something that keeps you alive. pray for these people.
on a good note- amanda and i are getting out in about 2 months and going to the Rascal Flatts/Jason Aldean concert with amanda and brooke. it shall be a great time!!

yeah finally I have scrapped and am going to show!!

horrible pics but I have no ambition to do anything good right now. ha

and another cute pic of my two fav things right now :)

Nick and Tango. :)
the only thing that gets better is delish supper, drinks and time with my best friend for the next 2 days!!


xobellaaimox said...

becca! you're back! :) i love you!

DBird said...


Awww, i miss you :)

Love the new scrappies and seeing you happy!

Love for the B,