HEIDI rocks!!!!!
She sent me a GC to 2peas!!
Got myself one(1) sheet of Hambly overlay-
didn't want to go overboard as I have
never used it before
and am scared!!
And some American Crafts Ned Jr. Rubons
Can't wait to get my goodies!!!
Hopefully they are here by Tuesday since I am hopefully
going to the LSS for the FIRST TIME TO SCRAP!

On other exciting news:
*Party at my house tonight! Can't wait!! Its been way too long!
*I have decided that wearing heels is my new favorite thing
(not my feets favorite thing- but mine)
*Need cute red heels- sounds sexy- like Kelly Picklers song
"In my Red High Heels"

Peace out! :) hehe

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Anonymous said...

Fun Fun Fun! You deserve it for being a rad SSS. Plus that girl was kinda mean to you. No offense to that girl. =)