this is what an excited girl looks like!!
Brett got the new job!!!!!!
So super duper excited for him!
He starts working for the city tomorrow morning at 7 am!!
this all means that I am just one step closer to living with him
and having this be even more wonderful than they are now!!
we are going out for supper friday night to celebrate and his
cousin is finding out if she also got a new job this week and if she
does we are going out with her on saturday night to celebrate
their new jobs. shall be a fun weekend.

also going shopping with my love- amanda.
can't wait.
also going to eat chicken at the chicken-q.

shaping up to be a good weekend.
even though I have to work 1-8 on sunday. hopefully will
still be able to see some good commercials for the bowl.

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Penny said...

Congrats to Brett! I hope everything works out for you guys!