Scrap Fest Review.....

So today I went to scrapfest at MOA.
It was not exactly what I expeceted and I am
glad that I did not buy the "badge" We were able to walk around all of the
vendor booths since they were just in the isles between the stores.
They just had their make and takes and pages made with their products-
not sure what I was expecting- but I didn't get it. haha

I did manage to spend $50 at Archivers. Got:

  • BG Gypsy
  • HS papers
  • Cosmo Cricket
  • MME
  • HS chipboard (2 types)
  • Cloud 9 papers to use for my rolodex swap
  • k&i color theory (pink) for Crystals B-day album
  • and a ton of other stuff.
and a free ($10 value) Dotto perm. adhesive roller.
figured i'd use that more than the bag that was my other choice!

Can't wait to use it all!!

Got my pictures printed off from last weekend.
Tonight we are going to a "kegger" even though
I don't drink beer
so that means..

I get to go to the Liquor store and buy alcohol
for the first time by myself- haha

Tomorrow is Game day! We are going to my moms
to play some board games. and she is making supper
I can't wait! I haven't played games in forever!!

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DBird said...

Hi B! Saw the link from Heidi's post. SO RAD. Does she have a blog, I forgot to ask. Awesomeness that you have an Archiver's near you. There's no lss here. Well, there's one, but I don't count them because they only carry tropical touristy Hawaiian Printed paper. Not the goods. I mean, good to someone else, but not me. lol. Ohh gosh, now I'ma have less time in my day cause I got one more blog to read :) Woot woot.