Weekends make me tired.....

I am so tired tonight from this weekend!! Its okay though because Friday night was so much fun!!! Emma and I went out to Meatballs for the party -tons and tons of fun!!!

♦May 12♦
Me and my girls! Styna & Emma
I love how the sign above us says "Children at Play"
Because thats exactly how the night was! Just a
prefect night with awesome friends I haven't
seen in a long time!!

Saturday I was totally HUNG over! It was not a good day at work...this girl does not work on 5 hours of sleep very well! After work Brett came home from Duluth (he tested there Saturday morning) and we took a nap- a well needed nap. Then we went to my moms for Mitchells Birthday Party♦May 13♦
The scared birthday boy as we sang
happy birthday to him!

Sunday was Mother's Day. We all went to eat at Applebee's and mom, grandma, connie and the rest of the family went to see RV, Brett & I have already seen it so we didn't go. We went to Burnsville shopping. Got a few things...but no pictures!

♦May 15 & 16 ♦

Monday was a no picture day also. Week days are so hard to get pics
because I don't do anything but go to work and come home.
It rained again today...no fun clouds though.

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